Worship Everywhere

Worship Everywhere, NC is a ministry and internship project of Unity Moravian Church (Lewisville, NC), St. Paul United Methodist Church (Winston-Salem, NC) and Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota).

Every Sunday we will worship at 11 AM with our churches, live streamed on Facebook and YouTube. ​Every Saturday we will worship at 10 AM somewhere in Lewisville, Clemmons or Winston-Salem. Most locations will require some hiking. A few locations will include some hills and stairs. We will worship regardless of the weather (only exception is if there are dangerous driving conditions including severe storm watches or warnings.) Worship will always include scripture, prayer and Holy Communion. On nice days, there may be a short message and some music. You can view our upcoming service dates, times, and locations on our website.

Everyone is welcome!

Unity’s Regathering Plan

May 26 Update: Seven Guidelines for Safe Gathering REVISED (PDF)

As more people are vaccinated, it becomes possible for us to return to more of our favorite activities and to the company of our brothers and sisters in Christ here at Unity. We do need to remain vigilant in our efforts to protect and care for one another. We are confident that we all will make decisions that are best for ourselves and our families, whether we return to church for indoor worship or continue to participate online.

We are trying to achieve a balance that recognizes the changing environment, enables more people to participate in worship and other church activities, and still cares for all, especially the most vulnerable among us. These revisions to our guidelines for gathering will go into effect this Sunday, May 30: 

  • All limits on attendance and capacity are lifted, while we continue to prioritize distancing.
  • We’ll simply sign in on arrival on Sundays, so we may do any needed contact tracing. We’ll no longer use the online advance RSVP system.
  • More pews are available for distanced seating.
  • We’ll wear masks when we are together in the sanctuary for worship regardless of vaccination status.
  • We’ll participate in liturgy and song during worship as we feel comfortable. (Yes, that means we can sing with our masks on!)

For now, other church activities (small groups, meetings) should also follow these revised guidelines. Our leaders will continue to adapt and revise our guidelines as needed. We still livestream our services each week on Facebook and YouTube, so you can always experience our worship from wherever you are!

May 21 Update: We are excited to host a few members inside our sanctuary this weekend! If you missed the Thursday deadline to RSVP, you can still show up Sunday morning and we’ll do our best to seat you. Please review the Seven Guidelines for Safe Gathering to which we will adhere when we worship in our sanctuary. We are aware there are changes from the CDC and the Governor to consider, but we will stick with our original plan through May 23rd. The Regathering Team will meet on May 24th to discuss and make any necessary recommendations to the board regarding how any these changes and any new guidance from the Provincial Elders Conference might affect our current plan.

Please enjoy this creative music video featuring Reserved Parking, Unity’s worship band, and some very special members, as they share our original guidelines!

April 7, 2021: The Church Board appointed a Regathering Team to determine how we might regather safely in the church building for worship, small group meetings, and other church activities. The team has come up with a plan that is designed to provide the best worship and ministry experiences that we possibly can have, while also doing all that we can to keep everyone safe.

Prior to regathering in person in the sanctuary for worship, we will be offering a few outdoor worship experiences. Please be looking out for details of these services in the coming weeks. Our target for regathering for worship in the sanctuary is Pentecost Sunday on May 23. Please be aware that this date for worship in the sanctuary is dependent on being able to safely gather. If the numbers of cases in our area increases, we will adjust our plans as necessary. We will continue with our online worship experiences via Facebook Live and our YouTube channel.

See our Guidelines for Safe Gathering below.

“When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place.” Acts 2:1  And we look forward to being all together in one place for worship and other ministry!

In Christ’s Love,
Rev. Joe Moore, Interim Pastor

Kay Vance, Vice-Chair, Church Board

April 7, 2021 Regathering Documents

  • Unity’s Seven Guidelines for Safe Gathering (PDF)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  • Small Group Guidelines for Leaders (PDF)
  • Plan Background and Key Indicators (PDF)

Services and Events
Currently, our worship service and special events are being held online, rather than at Unity Moravian Church’s physical location in Lewisville, NC.  Our hope is to be able to gather together in our sanctuary for 11:00 AM worship on Pentecost (May 23), but for now, we believe we can continue to learn and grow as a church by worshiping together virtually and with family. You can still invite your friends by sharing this page. Regardless, we intend to offer a vibrant, hybrid (online AND offline) ministry that includes those of us who gather onsite and those who join us online. Mark your calendar for some outdoor experiences too! We’ll hold drive-in worship on Sunday, April 25 and May 9, 2021.

Groups and Meetings
We are now holding group meetings at Unity’s physical address, and we also encourage groups to continue supporting, praying for, and caring for each other remotely. Groups are asked to reserve space in advance through the church office and to follow our Seven Guidelines for Safe Gathering. Small group leaders will want to review the specific guidelines for them (see above).  Small groups certainly may choose to use virtual tools (such as Facebook groups, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Skype) to continue meeting. All members and friends of Unity are invited to attend our Wednesday evening Virtual Time of Fellowship using Zoom video conferencing technology.  There is also a small group Bible study offered online on Tuesday evenings. If you’d like the login information for either event, please email us.

Our financial needs remain constant and you still have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by supporting the ministries of Unity.  Give online through the Moravian Ministries Foundation Giving Portal or mail a check to 8300 Concord Church Road, Lewisville, NC 27023. More information is available on our giving page.

Prayer is an integral part of our lives as followers of Jesus. The Unity Prayer Partners lift up to God the needs of the Unity Church family as well as others in the larger Moravian Church and the world. Consider joining our Prayer Team: email us.  Submit your prayer request: fill out the Prayer Request Form

Orders of Worship, Newsletters, & Announcements

We are now streaming our services on both Facebook and YouTube.  You may join or view by clicking the links below:



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