Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” in the Gospel of Matthew begins with the Beatitudes.   All of these sayings have meaning, and they all build upon the next as a way to live into the true happiness that only comes through God.  One of my favorite beatitudes is the one in which Jesus says, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God.”   Jesus was emphatic in that statement– “they will see God.”  Not, “they might see God,” but “they will see God.”  Having a “purity of heart” will, according to Jesus, allow us to see God.

We might think of purity in terms of morality or goodness.  However, purity also has the connotation of being new or true.     I think of the old commercials for Ivory soap.   The claim to fame for this brand of soap was that it was just that–soap.  There was no scent added to this bar of soap.  It was “pure soap.”   Perhaps Jesus says, “Blessed are the pure of heart,” he means those who have chosen to live as the image of God in this world.  They are not influenced by any worldly force or entity–they are influenced by God.  They live as God has created them.   In that living, “they will see God.”   If we have been created in the image of God, then we live as God has created us.  When we live into the truth of who we are and who God has created us to be, we seek that purity of heart that Jesus speaks about in the Beatitudes.  It might be a life-long process to understand our true creation, but it is worth the effort.  Living into true happiness… living by the will of God on earth as it is in heaven.