Recently, my family and I visited Tallulah Gorge in South Carolina.  It is a beautiful state park with breathtaking vistas and waterfalls.  We walked to a few overlooks created from the rocks that form the gorge.  These overlooks allow one to peer down from the heights above to the waterfalls below.  The vistas provide an opportunity to consider the rocks that one stands upon and the rocks that create the waterfalls below.   These rocks that were forged over millions of years by the creative movements of God attest to God’s wisdom, patience, and beauty—God’s continued creative work.  Sometimes in this rushed and technologically capable world, we forget about the beauty in the world—we forget that beauty communicates the rich tapestry of God’s creativity.  Whether in the natural spaces of this world or in another person’s eyes, there is beauty.   Beauty that cannot happen by accident.   Beauty that affirms to us the presence and capability of our Creator.