Office & Communications Manager

Unity Moravian Church

Position Overview: Performs clerical duties and general office functions related to the administrative activities of Unity Moravian Church.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Fields telephone calls and serves as first contact for visitors.
  • Composes, prepares, proofreads and distributes church correspondence for the Pastor, other staff members that are engaged in church business.
  • Composes and prepares routine letters and memoranda.
  • Maintains office files and records in accordance with office procedures.
  • Updates member information.
  • Prepares church bulletin and distributes.
  • Secures flowers for the sanctuary.
  • Manages church website and other digital platforms.
  • Assists the Pastor with the preparation of a yearly report to the Moravian church.
  • Orders and stores Sunday school and church office supplies.
  • Distributes incoming mail to appropriate staff members. Makes outgoing postal runs.
  • Prepares and maintains month church usage calendar and distributes as appropriate
  • Distributes and tabulates time and talent sheets, stewardship cards.

Other Duties:

  • Updates Power Church software with membership and distributes church directory periodically. Collects obits for reporting deaths within the congregations.
  • Assists with technological assistance to the Technology Committee.

Other Skills and Capabilities:

      The ideal candidate should have:

  • Computer systems, technology and demonstrated experience in web literacy, social media skills and MS Office. Web page development knowledge or willingness to learn platforms.
  • Excellent writing and grammar skills.
  • Word Press or other web platform experience. Experience in church communication channels and be knowledgeable about available resources.
  • Good people skills and the ability to interact collaboratively with other people
  • Organizational skills
  • Administrative experience is preferred.


Other Information: 

Job Type: Salaried position requiring 20 hours per week

Salary and Benefits: $15,600 annually

Hours: 9:00-2:00 M-Thurs, Friday flexible

Vacation: Eight shifts per year

Work Location: Unity Moravian Church, 8300 Concord Church Rd. Lewisville, NC.

Start Date: As soon as possible. No later than May 6, 2024 if possible.


Prerequisites: Compliance with Drug-free Workplace, acceptable previous employment, references, and acceptable criminal background checks.

Interview Requirements: Resume, two professional references. Interviews may be held in person or by video conference.

Send cover letter, resume and references to: and include “Office and Communications Manager” in the subject line. This position reports to the pastor and in consultation with the Board of Trustees. This position will have a 16 week-review period ending with a performance evaluation.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, economic background, etc. may apply. Employment is at-will.


Director of Music Ministry

Position Overview

We seek a creative, energetic, and collaborative leader who will recruit, equip, motivate, and shepherd Unity’s many talented musicians.   The Director of Music Ministry will collaborate with our pastor and lay leaders to direct Unity’s music ministry based on shifting needs and talent capacity.      Currently, Unity has a 15-member Adult Choir who sings a wide-range of music literature and sight-reads very well.   Unity also has a brass band, a worship band that plays once a month, several musicians interested in playing handbells, and other musical talent through the congregation.

Worship Music Leadership

In conjunction with the pastor and worship team, coordinate weekly worship music and special music events for Unity Moravian Church.  The director of music ministry will:

  • Plan, prepare, coordinate, and rehearse for worship services each Sunday, 49 weeks per year (up to 3 Sundays off per year).
  • The Adult Choir season runs from September-May. It is the expectation that the music director will plan, coordinate, and rehearse special summertime musical offerings and opportunities.
  • Develop, recruit, rehearse, and lead the Adult Choir, Handbells, Brass Band to perform and/or lead music for worship services and other programs.
  • Evaluate the need for other musical groups, which might include: children’s/youth choir, youth handbells, soloists, community choir.
  • Manage equipment, instruments, music library, and usage permissions (CCLI and OneLicense).
  • Recruit and coordinate paid and volunteer musicians, and vocalists, as needed.
  • Be present for special services (Christmas Eve candlelight services, weddings, funerals, and outdoor worship services, etc.) as needed.
  • Collaborate with the Christian Education team to develop music programming for children.

 Planning and Evaluation

  • Prepare and execute an annual music budget, including all necessary supplies, resources, hired musicians, and equipment needed for worship and special programming. A budget plan for the upcoming year will be submitted to the Board of Trustees in October of each calendar year.
  • In consultation with the pastor and worship team, define annual goals and objectives to achieve the vision for this ministry and initiate strategies to fulfill them.
  • Monitor these goals and objectives for effectiveness and revise, in conjunction with the pastor and worship team.

Other Duties

  • Attend staff and worship team meetings and collaborate as needed with staff and other musicians.
  • Attend congregational leadership meetings which will occur 2-3 times a year.
  • Maintain consistent office hours. It is recognized that ministry responsibilities may dictate compensatory time and schedule adjustments as needed.

Other Skills and Capabilities – the ideal candidate should be able to:

  • Have or develop an understanding and appreciation of the mission and ministry of the Moravian tradition;
  • Demonstrate an understanding and use of a wide-variety of music literature from Baroque to contemporary/folk music.
  • Build, establish, and maintain collaborative work relationships with worship team and volunteers;
  • Leverage available talent to extract maximum value for hybrid, traditional, and non-traditional worship experiences;
  • Communicate in a positive, consistent, and open manner with other staff, church members, volunteers, and visitors;
  • Maintain confidentiality in communications;
  • Demonstrate a caring respect for the dignity of all others;
  • Demonstrate technical skills as vocalist and/or on the piano/organ or another music instrument;
  • Teach music (e.g. music theory, hymnody, cantatas, special performances) to volunteer musicians (i.e. teach vocal parts to music participants-soprano, alto, tenor, bass, etc.);
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to thematic elements (sermon; scripture) and the liturgical Christian year in the selection of complimentary and diverse musical literature;
  • Willingness to learn software related to worship planning, as well as technical production skills related to recording and live streaming of music as part of worship and special programs;
  • Exhibit leadership, coaching, and relationship management experience in addition to demonstrated musical skills;
  • Appreciate a wide variety of Christian and secular musical styles and encourage the active engagement of attendees in learning and making music based on their interests and talents; and
  • Enthusiastically understand and appreciate the role of varied kinds of music in worship.

Other Information

  • Job Type: Salaried position requiring 15-20 hours per week – less in summer months (June-July) and more at special music times of the year.
  • Salary and Benefits: $11,600 to $15,000 based on experience and abilities (this is approximately $225-288/week); 3 weeks paid vacation time (vacation weeks will include 1 Sunday and all rehearsal days the week prior OR following the Sunday taken for vacation); vacation must be approved by the pastor at least 2 weeks prior.
  • Work Location: Unity Moravian Church, 8300 Concord Church Rd., Lewisville, NC.
  • Start Date: August 1, 2024 (or sooner)
  • Hiring Prerequisites: Compliance with Drug-free Workplace, acceptable previous employment reference, and acceptable criminal background checks.
  • Interview Requirements: Resume, two professional references, any relevant recordings of performances. Interviews will be held in-person.

Send resume and reference to: and include “Director of Music Ministry” in the subject line.

The director of music reports to the pastor and the Board of Elders.

The position will have a 16-week (4-month) review period ending with a performance evaluation.

We are an equal-opportunity employer.  Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, economic background, etc. may apply.