Join us as we celebrate the Christmas season and the birth of a little baby who became the light of the world. We’ll hold three different lovefeast & candles services this year:

  • Sunday, December 18, at 4pm: Children’s Lovefeast & Candle Service. A noisy, joyous, and festive occasion for families with young children. We share in a symbolic meal, hear the Christmas story, and sing carols together.
  • Saturday, December 24, at 4pm AND 7pm: Christmas Eve Lovefeast and Candle Services. A brass band plays beforehand to welcome all inside for this beautiful service sure to get you in the Christmas spirit! Nursery is provided.

The first Moravian Lovefeast was served in Germany on August 13, 1727, following the Renewal of the Moravian Church. Lovefeast is styled after the common meal partaken in love and fellowship by the early Church (as described in the Book of Acts). The first lovefeast in North Carolina was held on the evening of the arrival of the Moravians at Bethabara in 1753. Warm mugs of sweetened coffee, prepared in the Moravian tradition, and authentic Moravian buns are served to the congregation. Seasonal music and Christmas carols set a festive tone while the congregation enjoys the “feast.” The candlelight portion of the service, now adopted in one form or another by many Christian denominations, began as a Moravian children’s service. Handmade beeswax candles decorated with a red paper frill are distributed to each worshiper. The beeswax candles have been variously described as symbolizing the purity of Christ and the sacrifice of Christ as the light of the world. The candles are lit while the worship space is darkened except for a large illuminated Moravian Advent Star. Often led by a child, worshipers sing the antiphonal hymn, Morning Star, O Cheering Sight. In some congregations, after the last hymn, the worshipers carry their lighted candles out into the dark world.